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Returning to The Brothers Comatose

I am getting to this very late, and for that I apologize.

It is the beginning of July, half of the year is gone, and I’m just now sitting down to answer the question (that I’ve been hearing a lot recently): “Are you back in the band for good?”

The short answer is: Yes. As of Jan. 1st, I was back in The Brothers Comatose.

There are only a few other posts on this Blog, and just below this current post you can see the heart-wrenching “Leaving The Brothers Comatose” post and explanation.
I left for the kids, for family, for the new baby Jen and I had. It had to happen, and it did happen, and we had a very good, very necessary year with the family.

So… how did I end up back in?

The short version (long version reserved for people with lots of patience, who want to share some beers at a show sometime) is, I had the opportunity to play music for my job, and I really wanted to do it. I was teaching a lot, trying to get lots of other projects off the ground, but I really missed playing.

Jenny and talked about what it would mean to be in the band – to open up that world again. She could see that I wanted to try it, and she could see that I had missed it, and she is an unbelievably loving, understanding, and generous woman.. and so we discussed our options.
We promised to give touring another shot, and to try and do things differently – to be together more, to make more of the traveling family travels.

The year has been a crazy one – lots of changes. I left my teaching job at St. Vincent High School to focus on playing and traveling and on our family band project (Benedettiville!), and have been playing with Brothers Comatose all year.

Our idea was to get an RV and live like Nomads. We can’t afford an RV – or to travel in one if we had it …. yet. We’re still working on making things work with the family, but – from what I gather in talking to other musicians and musicians’ families out on the road – this is an eternal struggle, and not an easy one.

I am just thankful that I have friends in a band that were open to my return, and most of all to Jenny – my amazing wife – for being willing to try out this very difficult life style again.

So, if you want to get a deeper, fuller, more detail-filled (possible too detailed) version of the “So, are you back in the band?” question, feel free to come on up at a show and we can do some chatting. You can get in to the subplots of evil bishops, dreams, Jamie Oliver, and all sorts of other minutiae of my brain… Otherwise, I hope this explains a bit, and demystifies my comings and goings with The Brothers Comatose.

See you out there.