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Hail! From the Salty Seas!

Howdy all.

It’s 2017 now, I’ve been back with the Brothers for 2 years, and music is happening all over the place.

The Brothers Comatose just got back from Jam Cruise – 5 days of a music festival on a cruse ship. It was amazing. And it wasn’t amazing because I like cruise ships; I don’t. It was amazing because the caliber of musician on that boat was through the roof. Also, I was so excited to be at a festival where there were so many non-string bands. I don’t get to see that much – especially in such constant close quarters.

I saw the original Meters (got to have my Cissy Strut question answered by Mr. George Porter Jr. himself), saw the Benevento Russo Duo (a CD favorite of mine for years, but someone I’d never seen), saw Kamasi Washington, Galactic, sat in with The Shook Twins, and even got to play a couple songs at the Stanton Moore Jam that he hosted. It was a musical paradise… that sometimes swayed back and forth under your feet and tried to make you sick.

So now I’m back, and I have the urge to Jam… and jam I shall. In between the BroCo touring, I was able to get a date scheduled with Morris Acevedo and Ezra Lipp at The Big Easy. We’re calling it the MEG:A Trio. Hope you can make it and listen to some improvising, non-singing, long, music-note-making on February 15. It’s free.

See you there.