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From Rock Lord to short order cook in 8 hours

The passing of 2013 was celebrated (by yours truly) in a beautiful pastel green tuxedo jacket, yelling out some beloved songs in front of a rowdy and gorgeous crowd of Slim’s patrons.

Thus ended 2013, and thus ended my time with The Brothers Comatose.

The show was goooood times, and the crowd was so lovely and supportive in their fond farewells, and Momma Comatose was amazing enough to bake some 300-odd mini-pies that were handed out before we played Pie for Breakfast.  And I sure did love that tuxedo jacket.  Lots of great memories, and a really glorious way to go out, if a man has to go out.

And so began 2014 – with the traditional ‘Stella’s Recovery Room’ Brunch.  Stella’s birthday is January 1st.  That means that I’m driving home from the show, navigating the mean streets of 2am, New-Year’s-Eve-Party-Just-Got-Out Drivers, racing to get home and shut my eyes long enough to be able to run the marathon of pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, cupcakes and Bloody Marys that is to begin in a matter of hours.  Also, the two darling young daughters don’t sleep in.  Especially if one of them is turning 3.

And that was it.  We rolled straight over to my Mom and Dad’s in the morning (after 4 solid hours of sleep) and cooked up a storm and proceeded to revel and frolic – 3-year-old birthday style.  Family and friends from all sides and times and places rolled, popped, or (in some cases) stumbled by to celebrate family and the unbelievable, beautiful insanity that is raising Stella Gene. It was, really, the ultimate analogy/symbol/example/sign/omen/commencement ceremony for the change in the lives of Team Benedetti.

Go to sleep a rock star, wake up a short-order cook for a 3-year-old.

… and be happy doing it.

Happy New Year all.